Business Services

What are business services and why do you need them?

If you're a business or organisation based in West Yorkshire, we offer a range of one-off services to help support you and your staff, and we're also interested in building ongoing partnerships. We can provide talks and information on managing positive mental health as well as educating on suicide prevention, to help your employees understand in more depth how to maintain good levels of mental wellness and how to overcome issues that can face people in a mental health crisis.

This can not only help those who may be struggling to seek the help they need, but can also help colleagues spot warning signs and learn how to support their peers or employees.

Many companies are becoming more aware of their social responsibility to their employees, and we can help you meet your objectives in supporting your workforce. We're fully trained and up-to-date in a huge range of mental health areas, from youth work to working with adults with mental illnesses and cognitive spectrum disorders, so you know we have all it takes to help you achieve your goals.

Awareness sessions

We are more than happy to arrange to come and run awareness sessions for you and your staff. For a small donation to our charity, some of our trained volunteers can attend your place of work and run an open session to discuss the types of issues we deal with.

By offering these training and awareness sessions, not only will you help to improve the wellbeing of your staff, but it can nurture a more caring and wellness-focussed environment for all, reducing the stigma of discussing mental health issues.


If your company is interested in a fundrasing event for our charity, TakeTen would be more than happy to support you however we can.

Payroll Giving

Looking for a local charity to support as a company? We'd hugely appreciate any ongoing donations or Corporate Gifts to help fund our work.


We have plenty of flyers and other materials we can provide as part of your wellness and mental health programs. If you'd like to know more, just get in touch with us.


If you're holding an event locally and looking for charities to get involved, just let us know. As we're a not-for-profit organisation and we're completely self-funded, we're always looking for opportunities to expand our fundraising initiatives!

Whether you're holding an open day, a fete or summer fayre, or a wellness event, we're always interested in hearing about it. Whether it's an opportunity to build awareness about the work we do, or raising funds with a tombola stall, we want to get as many chances as possible to get out there and speak to people directly about the work we do.

Please get in touch to discuss the event with us directly, we'd love to hear from you!

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