This is our story

Take Ten was launched on 16th May 2018 founded by Stevie Oliver, as a much needed support group for mental health issues and suicide support. The need for this Community group is due to the forever growing demand for help and support for those suffering with mental health issues due to cuts in the NHS. Your can find out Stevie's story on the Our Effect page, which documents why both Stevie and many others suffering day in and day out so critically need TakeTen.

Stevie wanted to be able to turn her negative experiences into something positive and so started a group on Facebook called 'My Story Isn't Over yet;' which has helped many people from all over the world. It has done this by enabling them to join a group of like minded individuals, opening their eyes to the world once again, showing them they are not alone!

This venture made Stevie realise something closer to home was urgently needed as so many people were struggling in silence and desperately needed hope, this is where TakeTen began!

It was reported that "despite progress, one person dies every 40 seconds from suicide" in 2019 and all these saddening deaths could have been prevented if the right support was accessible.

Small changes with a big difference

The aim of the group is to offer support and advice to individuals suffering with Mental Health Illness or Suicidal thoughts as well as those around them that it effects (the fall out) and to raise awareness. Mental Health is the largest growing illness within the UK and can affect anyone at any point in their life, unfortunately Mental Health Illness carries a massive stigma as people do not always understand what and why. It effects people limiting there ability to support other individuals, families, friends or work colleagues.


Meet the heroes

Stevie Oliver

- Founder

From New Zeland to Durham I myself at TakeTen have saved countless precious lives. I wish to continue doing so thus expanding our reach, reducing the amount of suicides and helping those suffering as much as possible.

Allanna Oliver 

    - Secretary & head of socials

I aim to be the light for others and be the person that I needed when I was younger. TakeTen gives me that ability to do that, providing much needed support to those who need it. My raw experiences with dealing with mental health issues around me allow me to do this best.

Sarah Thompson

- Lead support

Taketen inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and  after just 3 weeks with them I fundraised and had my head shaved. Every day I stand proud to be part of something that not only helped me but will continue to set a baseline for a better future for us all.

Jackie Hussain

- Treasurer

I originally started my TakeTen journey by providing moral support to my Daughter, the founder. I now provide a valued role in helping people who are accompanying others to the group to settle in and also looking after the finances. 

JackD Oliver 

- Young carer & Advisor 

As a young male I hope to help the younger generation normalise speaking out about their mental health. TakeTen has helped me to touch countless lives in indescribable ways and I and both them are thankful for everything it does.


- Volunteer

I volunteer with TakeTen because It is so important to be the difference in peoples lives. I love watching the work we do make a difference to people young and old. Our help not only helps lives but allows us to create happy memories with those that need them most.

 Kelly Walker

- Volunteer

I volunteer with TakeTen as I have a strong passion for mental health due to personal experiences and want to spend everyday of my life making a difference to others.

 Nicola Rushworth

- Volunteer

I volunteer with TakeTen because I never want anyone to suffer in silence. I want to be able to empower people in improving mental health and help in removing the stigma and discrimination that surrounds it. 

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