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Here are a few real life stories from people whose lives have been touched by TakeTen...

*Due to the sensitive and personal nature of the stories shared some people decide to remain anonymous for a variety of reasons. But the aim of publishing these stories is to inspire people as these real life people continue to deal with the after effects of there experiences and live with there mental health issues. Please feel free to message us if you too are suffering from any problems.

Remember, no problem is too small!

A Young Carer

My History: I first began caring for my mother who has several mental health diagnoses when I was around 9 years old however the intensity did not really begin until I was around 12. The older I became the more demanding these became as i tried to also reach my own goals and develop my own life. Inclusive of but not limited to, managing appointments, cooking, cleaning, providing first aid, administering medication, managing younger siblings schooling.

The effect: Maturing "Before my time" with both very positive and some negative impacts, my experiences helped me develop quickly though had an emotional and social impact that separated me from my peers.

My future: To create a greater awareness and understanding of young carers within the UK, The demand and impact that this has and how we can further develop much needed emotional and physical support to best support these outstanding individuals.

Daily Struggles

Depression & lack of motivation

My future: Is to guide and support people by building relationships within the community and turning my personal experiences into positive outcomes by providing a support network to others and creating much needed awareness of mental health and suicide.

Illness: Depression, Bipolar

The effect: There are some days where I physically do not have the energy to leave my bed and have the tendency to push people away. Simple daily functioning becomes impossible.

The fall out: My children and grandchildren, friends, partner

Suicidal tendencies: My feelings can sometimes become overwhelming for me and this can lead to suicidal thoughts.

My turning point: I initially visited TakeTen to support a friend who was struggling. I loved the group and after a short while decided I would like to become a volunteer. TakeTen has gained me new friends, given me a reason to get out of bed everyday and empowered me to set new goals and ambitions for myself. 

A happy ending story

Sexual & emotional abuse survivor

My Future: To gain enough strength that I wave my anonymity and work on creating awareness and empowering other women.

Brief details: A 7.5 year relationship to which sexual abuse and rape began in the last 6/9months of the relationship. After 1 year of silently battling this at the end of the relationship. 

The effect: I felt like I was living a lie, my experience by no way defines me but not feeling able to open about it was a lot of pressure. I was left with a lot of confusion and mixed emotions. It affected relationships with friends, family and potential new courters. I felt very alone.

Progress: I self referred myself to a wonderful service called KRASSAC who helped me for a short few months. I thought I was "healed". Six months after this, I was struggling to deal with keeping "the secret" again. I got up, put on my favourite outfit, painted my face and went to the police station. The investigation is now ongoing but I have never felt so free and I know that this is one of the stories that will have a happy ending.

Stevie's Story

Dealing with mental health illnesses & suicidal tendencies

My future: "Is to raise awareness as much as I can with regards to Mental ill Health and Suicide, I would like to reach out to the younger generation by visiting schools and talking about my experiences in hope that it will encourage them to talk. If I only help one person open up then that is a job well done"

Illness: Bipolar, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, PTSD and extreme anxiety disorder.

The effect: make my life very difficult at times in fact not difficult...damn right impossible!

The fall out: my children, my family and my friends lives are also effected daily in many ways.

Suicidal tendencies: I have attempted suicide multiple times in various different ways. I repeatedly think about it each day no matter what my mood.

My turning point: Following my last suicide attempt I came to a realisation - I am loved, I am wanted and there is a purpose for my life.

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