Our Projects

At TakeTen, there's always a hive of activity, from peer support groups to organising fundraising and awareness events. Below you can read about just some of the recent projects we've undertaken. Follow us on Facebook to see the latest and upcoming events!

Services we offer

As an organisation we offer a wide and varied range of support services, which include but is not limited to:

  • First responder crisis support
  • Crisis support helpline
  • Awareness sessions for businesses and organisation
  • Advocacy support
  • Youth work in the community
  • Peer support group sessions
  • Court advocacy and assistance
  • Championing mental health services in budgeting consultations
  • Building relationships with local NHS trusts
  • Speaking about mental illness at private and community events
  • Social Services support
  • Financial advice including benefits support
  • Fundraising events
  • Family support to those in crisis
  • Addiction advice and support
  • Workshops on mental health issues for both Youths and Adults

Our volunteers are trained in a wide range of mental health aid and support areas, so you can feel confident that we're able to support you and your loved ones, whatever you're going through. We keep our training relevant and up to date, so whatever you need us for, you can trust us to be there. Every step of the way.

Christmas is usually seen as a happy and uplifting time of year. Christmas lights, family get togethers, giving gifts...it should be full of wonderful experiences, but it's not the case for everyone. In fact, a survey showed that a qurter of people said Christmas made their mental health worse. This time of year can be really difficult for some...

Everyone can experience poor mental health - whatever their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs. But some groups within society will experience certain types of mental health issue more often than others, and it's usually due to a common trigger or shared life experiences. This doesn't mean the experience of depression itself is based...

2020 surely was a challenging year for everyone. In March 2020 the whole world was hit by the Covid pandemic which caused total devastation and changed the life that we knew forever. Covid was taking the lives of loved ones by the second, the nation on complete lockdown. Special permissions where given to front line services and voluntary support...

In April we began supporting Tanisha Bramwell with her community project of providing care packages to those in need throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. We have had donations and support from many different people within the community and have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone. We have built new networks, made existing ones stronger and...

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak as you all know all TakeTens plans have been cancelled. So we decided if you couldn't visit TakeTen we would visit some of you... A team of TakeTen members and Tanisha Bramwell took to the streets hoping to boost morale by handing out Easter eggs for free to those in isolation keeping up social...

A lovely Friday evening as always with our youths was great to have them outside enjoying the fresh air. They loved arts and crafts for their family members, making messy treats and planning our 2nd birthday party ... so exciting! Hard to believe taketen is almost 2 💜

It's been a great day at Batley centre for Tracy Brabin MP International womans Day...we met some amazing people, watch some fantastic talent, listen to some great speakers and our leader was a panel member for the health and wellbeing chat, it was great opportunity to raise awareness of mental health, self harm and suicide 💜

A fantastic evening with our youths at Bleak House. They absolutely love their cooking lessons, it is amazing to see how far they have come. On the menu all impressively prepared by them: homemade chicken nuggets, fresh BBQ sauce , boiled vegetables, salad, amazing peach and plum crumble all followed by a relaxation. Happy youths makes a happy us....

We had a chilled night with our youths at Bleak House tonight so chilled we didnt even realise it was passed finishing time and we hadn't had tea yet! Whoops! We love having chats with our youths we learn so much from them today we spoke about gaming and gambling may sound deep for youths but these games such as...

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