Volunteer of the Year 2020


2020 surely was a challenging year for everyone. In March 2020 the whole world was hit by the Covid pandemic which caused total devastation and changed the life that we knew forever. Covid was taking the lives of loved ones by the second, the nation on complete lockdown. Special permissions where given to front line services and voluntary support groups so support could be given to the most vulnerable.

We had been nominated in categories of the Yorkshire Choice Awards, it is fair to say we was already overwhelmed that people had nominated us never in a million years ever imagine that we would win an award!!

July 2nd 2021 it was pouring down with rain, I had gone strawberry picking with my sister and niece when my daughter called " have you seen the post on facebook mum? You have won", I was very confused "won what?" I said she replied "check your messenger I will send you it". I really had no idea what she was talking about. I pressed the link which took me to the Yorkshire Choice Award page, there she was Christina Ackroyd talking about TakeTen! I could not believe my ears, it was true we really had won.....we was awarded Volunteer of the Year 2020

 Now my name maybe on there but this award belongs to my whole team, to the public who support us and to the people who have and continue to reach out to us knowing we will do all we can to help and support them.

Thank you to every single one of you that have believed in us!

This award is beyond anything we ever imagined 😊