Don't let another light go out!

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention CIC


Main areas of our focus

Helping those with mental health issues

We are a mental health and suicide peer support group offering support through real life lived experiences. We are not are qualified professionals so do not advice or diagnose illnesses.

Helping in the prevention of self harm and suicide

Some people feel they have no alternative and can have suicidal tendencies. We at Taketen can offer advice from first hand experiences and try to get everyone to see the light in the darkness.

Fall out relief

Mental health issues can not only impact the lives of those suffering but also those around them. We try to help everyone understand and overcome their issues so that they can live and lead a happy life whilst supporting others.

Helping through education

The taketen team have undertaken a variety of relevant courses in order to ensure we can offer the best support to our people BUT we don't need them to know that your value and you are worth so much more than you believe...

This is our story

Take Ten was launched on 16th May 2018 founded by Stevie Oliver, as a much needed support group for mental health issues and suicide support. 


Community Group 

Based in Batley, built by people first effected by mental health in a variety of ways both them themselves or those around them. We hope to use these to help us... help you...



We hold 2 weekly groups for children and young adults and a highly successful adult only group to help support everyone.

With plans for many more!



We have a wonderful team of volunteers dedicated to helping as many people as possible overcome the struggles they face dealing with mental health issues.



Wether it's a ten minute chat over the phone, advice online, a one time meet and greet or a regular visitor to our weekly groups we try to touch as many lives as possible. No problem too small.


Our projects

Christmas is usually seen as a happy and uplifting time of year. Christmas lights, family get togethers, giving should be full of wonderful experiences, but it's not the case for everyone. In fact, a survey showed that a qurter of people said Christmas made their mental health worse. This time of year can be really difficult for some...

Everyone can experience poor mental health - whatever their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs. But some groups within society will experience certain types of mental health issue more often than others, and it's usually due to a common trigger or shared life experiences. This doesn't mean the experience of depression itself is based...

2020 surely was a challenging year for everyone. In March 2020 the whole world was hit by the Covid pandemic which caused total devastation and changed the life that we knew forever. Covid was taking the lives of loved ones by the second, the nation on complete lockdown. Special permissions where given to front line services and voluntary support...


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